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Of the salty-sweet variety

Behind each dessert that we make in our little space in Holland Village is a meticulous attentiveness to the integrity of the ingredients and the science of balancing flavours.

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Our Refreshing Tea Fizzes

We recently gave our Sunday Folks Menu a new look, and apart from the inclusion of a D.I.Y. option for ice cream offerings, we also decided to expand our beverage menu.

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What it means to be freshly churned

Here at Sunday Folks, we always hope to invoke a sense of Sunday-ness every day, and that you truly enjoy a swirl of freshly churned ice cream during your next visit to our little space in Chip Bee Gardens.

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Roasted Pistachio: A sophisticated choice

Made from 100% pure Pistachio nut paste from Italy, the colour isn’t as green as other Pistachio ice creams elsewhere because our supplier chooses to keep its light brown shade and not add any natural colourants; however, its flavour remains strong—a delightful explosion of nutty and buttery notes.

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