What it means to be freshly churned

What it means to be freshly churned

Very often, we hear people say soft serve when they talk about the ice cream we serve at Sunday Folks. It’s not hard to see why – the ice cream does looks like soft serve. Though given the chance, we would love to jump in and share with you that the ice cream is truly freshly churned and as far away from soft serve as a scoop of hard ice cream from our sister brand Creamier.

Rewind almost a century to the 1930-40s, where the origins of soft serve are a little sketchy. What history does say though is that with built in aeration pumps introducing about 50-60% of air, ice cream machines churned out a very light ice cream with the iconic swirl. But if you’ve had a serving of freshly churned ice cream in our shop, you’ll find it’s dense, rich, not-at-all icy and surprising filling.

The moment of inspiration for freshly churned ice cream really came from our tiny kitchen in our Creamier Toa Payoh space. The wonderfully creamy texture and delicious taste of ice cream when it first tumbled out of the ice cream chamber surprised us. It took three years, and when the space at nostalgic Chip Bee Gardens came along, we knew this was the perfect opportunity.

Made from scratch – read: unique recipes for the different flavours and no premixes! – and in small batches, our dedicated pastry team uses fresh milk and cream, premium ingredients, pastes and purees in their daily production of ice cream mix. Only prepared upon order, the mix is then churned out through the non-pressurised gravity feed chamber to retain the richness and quality (and that iconic swirl) of our freshly churned ice creams.

Here at Sunday Folks, we always hope to invoke a sense of Sunday-ness every day, and that you truly enjoy a swirl of freshly churned ice cream during your next visit to our little space in Chip Bee Gardens.
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