Dedication to the Craft: Liberty Coffee

Dedication to the Craft: Liberty Coffee

If time is a measure of dedication, Liberty Coffee would be one of our most committed partners. We’ve purveyed their Speakeasy blend – balanced with nutty and cocoa notes – since day one and some of our first baristas were introduced to coffee by Terence, the founder himself.

As an artisan roaster of specialty-grade coffee beans, Liberty Coffee works with a wide range of audience to elevate their coffee offering, be it cafes or restaurants, office or home spaces. With his background in commercial flying, Terence developed his love for coffee from his travels to regions where specialty coffee was flourishing. When the time came to hang up his wings, he continued travelling, but with a different purpose – to source from the diverse coffee-producing countries and bring that to Singapore.

Their commitment to the people they work with is not in word alone, but through real action. In March this year, Liberty Coffee hosted our baristas in their space, giving us a tour and letting us have a go on their machines. We brought our questions and they shared their knowledge from processing, roasting, grading to training.

Liberty Coffee’s motto to elevate your coffee supply is their constant promise and we’re proud to be serving up their coffee in our space.

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