Cast Iron Teapot Care Instructions

If you use your teapot regularly, very little maintenance is required. The very act of boiling water and brewing tea produce a protective barrier against rust. Just remember to never leave water sitting in the pot. 
Before use, please fill with boiling water to warm it and rinse out.
After each use, allow teapot to cool completely before cleaning. Rinse and gently clean pot, cover and infuse thoroughly with warm water only. Do not use soaps or detergents. Wipe the outside dry with a clean cloth while the pot is still warm. Invert the pot to air dry before replacing infuser and lid. Avoid contact with salt and oils. Due to the iron content of the teapot, we recommend the use of a coaster to protect table linens and surfaces.
In the event of rust, the pot can still be used. If rust bothers you, clean the rusted area with a soft brush. You can also brush with a 50:50 dilution of water to vinegar solution. Rinse and fill the pot with used tea leaves and boiling water. Allow to sit for 20 minutes, discard and rinse. Tannic acid in the tea reacts with the rust and forms a natural seal.
Please note the iron teapot is not suitable for stovetop use.