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Sunday Fluffles


Embark on a whimsical journey filled with joy, celebrations, and deeper connections. Within this enchanting collection, you'll not only discover the flavours of Yuzu Custard and Lava Custard petit cakes but also Fluffles, our beloved bunny companion. Fluffles embodies the essence of togetherness and nostalgia, beckoning you to delve into a world where emotions truly come alive


Limited Edition 2023

The Sunday Fluffles set contains three Yuzu Custard and three Lava Custard petit cakes, beautifully packaged within an elegant wooden box.


Yuzu Custard
Petit Cakes
The Yuzu Custard encapsulates the spirit of new beginnings, brimming with vibrant and tangy notes that awaken the senses.

Lava Custard Petit Cakes
Reminiscent of moonlight cascading through the night, each bite reveals a golden trail of sumptuous salted egg yolk and creamy custard.

Contains dairy, soybeans, eggs & wheat
Produced in a kitchen where peanuts, tree nuts are also handled.

Storage Instructions
Please store in a dry and cool condition

Shelf Life
Please refer to best-before date on packaging.
Best consumed within same day of openin